Energy Saving Tips (part 4, 16-20)

Incandescent, CFL or LED

Here are the final 16-20 energy saving tips for the fall.  While there are certainly many more, these 20 should be enough to get you started on saving some money for the upcoming winter.  And no matter when or where you start, doing something will help.

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, not matter how slow.”  — Plato

16)      Looking for a new computer?  Seriously you should consider getting a laptop.  Today’s laptops use 50% less energy than a desktop when plugged in and 1% of the energy when running on batteries.  Need more monitor space.  Buying an Energy Star monitor and plugging it into your laptop will still save more energy than a standard desktop and monitor.   And be sure to set it on an energy saving sleep mode.

17)      Reduce the chemical waste.  Use chemical free non-toxic toilet cleaners.  While they won’t totally eliminate the need to clean, you can reduce your chemical cleaners usage 50% to 90% when using ChemFree toilet cleaners.  They utilize a simple physics process of magnetism to make the mineral molecules slippery so that that won’t to the bowl.  And they really work.

18)      Stuff your fridge until it is satisfied.  While it may not be hard to keep a full refrigerator during the holiday season, the more you can keep it full the less energy you will use.  Food retains cold better than air does.  But remember, you still need some space in there to circulate the cold air. And while your are thinking about the fridge, take a minute to vacuum the condenser coils. They can accumulate a lot of dust in a short period and make your refrigerator work harder than it has to.  Same holds true for your freezer, but you don’t have to worry about the circulation.

19)      Going small saves big.  Use your microwave to reheat and cook foods when you can. It is faster and more efficient than an oven or cook top and can save up to 70% in energy usage.  And use a toaster oven for those small meals. It can use a third to half as much energy as a typical full size oven.

20)      Make the switch.  Nearly everyone has made the switch to CFLs and are saving 75% on energy compared to incandescent, but have you considered LED’s?  Today’s LED bulbs use about 50% less energy than their comparable CFL for the same amount of light.  Plus, LED’s are instant on (no warm up), are mercury free and last 25000 to 50000 hours.  They are still more expensive than CFLs, but their prices have been dropping dramatically in the last 18 months.

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